Kireeti Eezy+:

Kireeti Soft , a pioneer in Software industry understood the needs of business environment created a new product Eezy+ a revolutionary Inventory & Accounting Software solution compatible for 4 Column & 2 Column Accounting & Inventory requirements.

Eezy+ is a scalable Application to suit the various needs of users. It is a Windows based 32-bit application with powerful and flexible features.

Eezy+ has simple install procedure and business models to suit any line of business. All designed for user to get started in a quick succession. It is very easy to use and anyone can start using this package within No time.

Features :

  • Suitable for any Business at any Level like Manufactures / Whole Sale
  • Business / C.A.s / Professionals / Departmental Stores / Retails and more.
  • Multi Company Business Accounting along with Inventory Control
  • Multi Level Security
  • Bar Coding Support
  • Budgeting & Targets
  • Company Consolidation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger
  • Net Rate Calculation Per Item
  • Analysis (Targets & Incentives)
  • Order to DC, DC to Invoice
  • User Defined Charge
  • Sets & Discount
  • Structure
  • Comparative Statements among Financial Years
  • Multi Stock Point
  • Margin Statements
  • Stock Indents
  • Item Movements
  • Temporary Credit Facility
  • LR's Management
  • Branch Management
  • Production Management
  • VAT enabled

Friendly & Flexible:

    Graphical User Interface
  • Save Company as Template
  • Online help
  • Scheduled Transactions & Reminders (Transactions can be posted into Accounts)
  • Decision Supporting MIS Reports
  • 250 + Reports availability
  • Zoom in Facility from Statement to ledger and to individual transactions
  • Automatic interest calculation date wise or due date wise.
  • Income / Expenditure among Cost Centers
  • Definable documents e.g., invoice, vouchers etc.
  • Selection of methods for Stock Valuation. (FIFO / LIFO / MWA / LPR)
  • Definable aging and customer statements
  • Predefine Narrations, recall to use
  • Immediate update of account balances and stock
  • Save time and Paper
  • Sales and Purchase Registers ? User Defined
  • Powerful Features:

    • Document Designer
    • User Defined Transaction Types
    • Bill wise Opening Balance
    • Bill To Bill Adjustments
    • Credit Limit for Customers
    • Bill of Material
    • Export of Reports to Word / Excel
    • Auto Backup Feature
    • Invoice as multiple Installments
    • Immediate update of account balances and stock
    • Faster Printing on Dot matrix Printers for Reports & Documents

    Financial Reports:

    • 4 column and 2 column day book
    • Cash Book and Summary
    • Bank Book and Summary
    • Ledger (Customer / Supplier / General)
    • Journal Book
    • Debtors list (salesmen wise, branch wise)
    • Creditors list (salesmen wise, branch wise)
    • Outstanding & Payables (Aging Analysis)
    • Account Balances
    • Balance Sheet
    • Trail Balance
    • Profit and Loss

    Inventory Reports:

    • Registers-Sales/Purchase
    • Closing Stock Statement (All/Each Stock Point wise)
    • Stock Ledger
    • Stock and Sales
    • Items Price List
    • Stock Indent Statement
    • Stock point wise Reports
    • Non Moving/Fast Moving/Slow Moving Stock Position
    • Stock Movement Reports
    • Sales Analysis
    • L.R registers
    • Order Management
    • Stock Level Management Report(Minimum & Maximum)
    • Pending D.C Reports

    Sales Analysis Reports:

    • Quick Sales Analysis
    • Price Range Sales Analysis
    • Average Sale Prices Report
    • Price Variance Report
    • Group-wise Day to Day Sales
    • Salesmen wise Sales Summary
    • Salesman vs Item Groups Summary
    • Salesman Targets vs Achievements Summary
    • Customer wise Sales
    • Customer vs Item Groups Analysis
    • Supplier vs Item Groups Analysis

    Special Reports:

    • Salesman Analysis
    • Receipts and Payments
    • Interest Calculations
    • Day-to-Day Totals
    • Receipts more than
    • Payments more than
    • Way Bills Register
    • Spot collection Incentive Reports
    • Installments Register
    • Analysis Reports
    • Consolidation Reports

    Margin Statements:

    • Item wise Margin
    • Item Group wise Margin
    • Customer wise Margin

    Statutory Reports/Salestax Reports:

    • A2 Returns
    • Form E
    • Form VI
    • Form M
    • VAT Compatible reports

    Branches Management:

    • Branch-wise Sales
    • Branch-wise Outstanding
    • Branch-wise Analysis Reports
    • Branch-wise Consolidation Reports

    Production Management:

    • Production Reports
    • Process Issue Reports
    • Product - wise Production
    • Automated Bill of Materials
    • Stock Reports across Process
    • And many more...

    Network Version:
    Eezy+ is available in Network Version also. Network Version supports Win 95/98/ NT/ 2000/2003 Server etc... This Version provides users to interact with the information they want even though several persons are working on the same product at a time.

    Eezy+ comes with powerful zooming facility on screen in almost all reports. Starting from Balance Sheet, user can zoom down to Group Balances, Ledger even up to Voucher level. If required these vouchers can be modified, provided user has the rights to modify.

    Access to Eezy+ is restricted by passwords. Besides sensitive information can be viewed, printed or changed only by using a special password.

    E-Mail your Reports Directly:
    Send Invoices / Reports to your customer by e-mail. In fact, e-mail any Eezy+ report or document as easily as you print. Accounts reports need not be printed and posted; simply e-mail them..

    Branches Automation Special Tools (Optional):
    Automatic Data Transfer to C.O. Web Server with Internet. Tools will be provided to transfer the data based on Time Stamps and this updation at Central office server / Web Server Location at required frequencies.

    Remote printing options:
    If an Invoice needs to be printed as D.C.? at Factory, it can be invoked with special set of tools. Uploading compatibility of Key Parameters to kireeti Global View Web-based Reporting for Senior Executives.

    Backed by Kireeti Expertise:
    Eezy+ comes from Kireeti Soft, a pioneer in developing and marketing premium quality software. Kireeti Soft?s comprehensive support and hands-on training back Eezy+.

    Backed by Kireeti Expertise: Eezy+ comes from Kireeti Soft, a pioneer in developing and marketing premium quality software. Kireeti Soft?s comprehensive support and hands-on training back Eezy+.