Kireeti Soft Chitcare:

Simple yet sophisticated, Chitcare is a versatile software solution that cuts down reports preparation time and increases quality and accuracy of information . Defaulters list, Guarantors information, Subscriber- wise ledger, Agent- wise Business, Automatic Intimation Card Generation, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement etc. can be generated with couple of clicks. All these will lead to full utilization of man- power, quality and accuracy in information and image among subscribers.

Features Kireeti Soft Chitcare:

  • Easy to Use
  • Subscriber Enquiry
  • Guarantors Enquiry
  • Town-wise/Zone-wise Outstanding Analysis
  • Intimation Generation
  • On-line Financial Accounting
  • On-Line Help
  • Zooming
  • In Use By Many Companies
  • Security
  • Also On LAN
  • Backed By Kireeti Expertise

Easy to Use:
Chitcare is so simple and easy to understand. It is not at all necessary to be computer literate. A person having Typing Knowledge and some Accounts Knowledge can master this software within No time. The software is made more flexible with the provision to use mouse.

Subscriber Enquiry:
With a couple of clicks, complete information about any subscriber including Due Status, Self Chits information, Agent and Guarantors? details etc. can be obtained in no time. That means the complete details can be given to the customer even while talking on phone.

Guarantors Enquiry:
Just with a couple of clicks, CHITCARE shows Self-Chits of the Guarantor in one window and the list of Subscribers to whom the same Guarantor has signed as Guarantor including financial details in the other window.

Town-wise/Zone-wise Outstanding Analysis:
To improve collections at a faster rate, CHITCARE is provided with a set of exhaustive Outstanding Analysis Reports like Town-wise, Zone-wise, Collection boy-wise, Group-wise, Agent-wise Outstanding Statements. These will be very much useful in improving collections and in increasing efficiency of the collection staff.

Intimation Generation:
Chitcare helps in generating Intimation Cards automatically. Apart from Intimation Cards, all Subscriber Documents including Receipt, Notice, NPS Removal Letter etc., can be generated, which helps in providing clarity to Subscriber and in turn enhances the image of the Organization.

On-line Financial Accounting:
CHITCARE comes with built-in Financial Accounting module, which provides On-line Financial Accounting Reports and Analysis Reports. With this, generation of Cash & Bank Books, General Ledger, Petty Cash Handling, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and so on becomes easier. Within minutes, Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) for any selected bank with full details can also be generated.

On-Line Help:
CHITCARE is provided with intuitive on-line help so that at the press of a key, required help can be obtained which makes the work very user friendly.

CHITCARE comes with powerful zooming facility in almost all reports. From Outstanding Reports, one can zoom into the receipts list of any subscriber and subsequently into the receipts itself.

In Use By Many Companies:
Chitcare is being used by all most all leading and reputed Companies of Andhra Pradesh including Sree Pujitha (100 Cr), Vijaya Bhargavi (50 Cr), GPR, Chalapathi, Suman, Sravya, Lakshmi Sridevi, Vipanchi and many more. Its wide acceptance has helped it bag the "Business Media Annual Award 97"

Access to Chitcare is restricted by passwords. Besides sensitive information can be viewed, printed or charged only by using a special password

Also On LAN:
Chitcare is also available for use on Networks which means that several persons can simultaneously enter transactions while a chosen few keep a track of Reports. CHITCARE LAN Version supports Novell & Windows NT. CHITCARE Single User supports Dos, Win 95/98, So that the user can choose his own platform to work on.

Backed By Kireeti Expertise:
Chitcare comes to you from Kireeti soft, a pioneer in developing and marketing premium quality software. Chitcare is backed by Kireeti soft's comprehensive support and hands- on training


  • Subscriber Management System
  • Agents Management System
  • Monthly Reports
  • Financial Accounting System

Kireeti Chitcare Reports:
Subscriber Management System:

  • Subscriber defining with all details (including zones, Yes/No for intimation)
  • Receipt Voucher Generation (Cash/Chq/DD/B.P.Adj/Transfer/O.B.C. etc...)
  • Subscriber Ledger/ Account Copy (Partial/Full)
  • Subscriber Enquiry Report (Including Self Chits)
  • Intimation Cards Generation (Plain/Pre-Printed)
  • Subscribers Address/ Labels List
  • Subscribers List (Group-wise/ Agent-wise/ Alphabetical)

Agents Management System:

  • Agent-wise Enrollment Register
  • Agency Commission Register (Payable/Paid)
  • Agency Commission Advance Statement
  • Agent Ledger
  • Agent Commission Voucher Generation.

Monthly Reports :

  • Successful Bidders List
  • Dividend List (Data-wise/Month-wise)
  • Business Statement (Direct/ Agent)
  • Collection Summary (Rec-wise/ Group-wise)
  • Vacant Chits Report (Direct/ Canceled/ Allotted)
  • Company Investments on Own/ Vacant Chits)
  • Cheque Return Statement
  • Auction Turnover Statement
  • Bid Payable Register
  • Bid Payments Register
  • Bid Advance Pending Register
  • Defaulters List
  • Monthly Collection Summary
  • Collection Analysis (Group-wise)
  • Master Schedule (Group-wise)
  • At a Glance Report

Financial Accounting System:

  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book (Whatever be the No. of Banks)
  • Cash & Bank Statement
  • Journal Book
  • Petty Cash Book
  • Receipts & Payments Statement
  • Account Analysis
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Debtors/Creditors Ledger
  • Single Account Copy
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Interest Calculations
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement (B.R.S.)
  • Fixed Deposits Statement
  • Analysis Parameter-wise Expenses Analysis.....and many more

Due to continuous development, Kireeti Soft reserves the right to amend these features without notice.

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