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Hospital Information System (HIS) - Objective and Necessity.
Information, intelligently used and information system, carefully planned, can be a great asset to the hospital administrator. The main task of an information system should be to minimize the amount of uncertainty in relation to decisions and ultimate objective is to help a health related organization to reach its goal. Management Information can be used in several important ways in the operational setting. Information should be an important aid to the hospital board and administrator in strategic planning and setting of goals for the instructions. Clinical information and information on the quality of care rendered by the hospital is essential to an effective process of quality assessment and improvement. Up-to-date management information is an essential part of this process of evolution and performance monitoring.

The most pressing problems of the hospitals today are the containment of the costs and financial information is a necessary ingredient in the management system of any hospital. Hospitals must also continually monitor and evaluate their performance, both for internal purpose and to satisfy external regulators.

Classification of HIS
Based on the functionality, HIS Has been classified into 3 general Categories.

Clinical or Medical Information System:
To support direct Patient Care Activities in the Hospital. i.e., information relating to patients treated in the outpatient department , patients treated as inpatients service wide classification of diseases and so on.

Administrative Information System:
To Support the administration and Management of activities that support Patient Care, I.e., information relating to administrative activities.

Ancillary Technical Information System:
To deal with the Information, which is neither Clinical nor Medical Nor Administrative. i.e., information related to construction of hospital buildings, air-conditioning and so on.

Need Of Computerization of HIS:
A typical HIS includes apart from patient care, the financial Information Systems, Inventory Management Systems, Service administration Systems. This Makes Hospital administration feels difficult to make decisions and consolidate the information at one place. Any Software designed for the purpose should.

  • Improve the quality care with reduced cost.
  • Supply information necessary for the aspects of financial management and quality control associated with health information.
  • Discuss and contrast efficient medical record services.
  • Delineate appropriate documentation responsibilities of physicians and nurses as well as ancillary therapists and technicians.

Kireeti Care To Support HIS
After making an intensive study in Hospital Information System, Kireeti Care has developed a comprehensive Solution for managing the activities of Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Blood Banks and Ambulance Units. The Target Customers Include.

  • Small Hospitals with or without Provision for In-Patients
  • Super Specialty Hospitals Which Offer Services only in One Area of specialization
  • Multi Specialty Hospitals Which Offer Services in more than One Area of specialization
  • Diagnostic Centers either alone or coupled with Blood Banks & Ambulance Facilities

Based on the nature of the service and operation that are generally performed in a hospital, the care has divided the software into 9 modules, which are called divisions.

  • Patient Administration
  • Stores
  • Pharmacy
  • Accounting4. Accounting
  • Diagnostic Center
  • Operation Theatre
  • Intensive Care
  • Blood Bank
  • Ambulance

Features Of Kireeti Care:
Depending on the specific nature of the services, the management can create number of departments which can be of any one the above nine types. These departments can be grouped for better understanding of the organization structure. These departments could also be set at the root level i.e., which have no department under it or above it.

The services that are being offered in a hospital are categorized on the basis of Divisions. These services are called activities. The activities can be grouped depending on their nature. These Activities can be set for each department of the same division type. Each Activity can be added with user-defined Custom Fields such as (Sample No). Activities can be given unlimited charges. Results Template Can be designed for each activity.

Doctor/Staff :
Doctor/Staff are those who are involved in taking care of the Patient, normally including medical, Nursing and paramedical personnel as well as the Doctor/Staff of the medical record department.

Case Sheet:
User defined Case Sheets to suit to the patients with specific complaint can be designed and set as a templates. The information in a case sheet can be divided into Parameters and these parameters can be grouped as categories. This Case Sheet can be tagged to a patient for entering observations. The observations can be entered for each visit.

Discharge Summary:
Unlimited user defined Discharge Summaries (Similar to Case Sheet) can be designed and set as templates. The Discharge Summary of Doctor's choice can be taken and issued to patient based on the treatment rendered to the patient.

A Central Registration system with 24 hours service should ideally be maintained for all outpatients and inpatients. Each patient can be given with a medical record No. Patients can be categorized as Individual / Sponsored / Package / Health Card / Accidental. Patients are allotted a primary doctor who takes total responsibility of the patient during the period of Hospitalization. Credit Limits can be set for each patient to control the Outstanding of the patient.

Beds Management:
In Beds Management, You have wards under which, you find rooms under which you have beds. Each bed can be set with separate fee and separate rent calculation time i.e., Rent per Half Day or Rent per 4 Hours. Care gives the information of beds installed for regular 24 hours use by an inpatient during his or her period of hospitalization. Comforts Like Cooler, Phone, T.V. etc. can be allotted along with beds to each patient and can be charged separately.

Appointments can be given to Patients for visiting a Doctor. Token No on Date Basis will issued to patients. Appointments Before as well as after registration is possible with CARE.

Visit wise Information:
Visit wise information for a particular patient is categorized in the following way.

  • Case Sheet - Both Patient's and Informants
  • Prescription
  • Lab Tests Suggested
  • Treatments / Services Ren
Lab Tests :
User Defined reports for each lab test or service rendered in the hospital can be set. The results of the test can be divided into parameters and these parameters can be grouped as categories. Each parameter can be set with a normal range. The report is a 3-column report containing parameter name, result value, Normal Range.

Receipts / Advances & Payments:
Receipts, Advances & Payments From Patients, Staff, Doctors Can Be Made at the department level. Receipts From Patients Can be made even after billing and finalization of Patient's account.

Inventory :
The Items in Pharmacy & Stores are categorized as Pharmacy / General and further whether they are reusable / Refillable / Disposable. Departments can receive goods from central Store or they can purchase goods from outside vendors depending on the set up.

1. Department level Billing:
Both OP & IP billing can be done here. Billing is done especially for those patients who are restricted to only one department. 2.Over all Billing:
A final outstanding bill is prepared for a patient considering the services offered to him during the treatment time by all the departments. Once the bill is finalized, The Charges can never be changed. These bills can be made to affect the accounts depending on the will & wish of the management.

Special Features:

  • User Defined Activities & Results Templates - Hierarchal Document Design
  • User Defined Case Sheet - Hierarchal Template Design
  • User Defined Discharge Summary - Hierarchal Template Design
  • % Posting of Charges & Other Collections To Accounts
  • Linking a Case Sheet to a Patient
  • Billing & Finalizations of Patient's Account both at Department Level & Overall
  • A Single Enquiry Screen For All Tasks From which User Can Communicate With All Tasks

View all the Information of a Patient in One Window

  • Case Sheet
  • Activities Performed In House
  • Prescriptions Issued
  • Tests Suggested
  • Doctors attended in a Visit

Search Engines To Find A

  • All Setups
  • Patient
  • Doctor
  • Voucher / Documents
  • Visits
  • Hierarchal Reports Views & Text Printing
  • On-Line Help