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Kireeti Finsoft:

Simple yet sophisticated, Finsoft is a versatile software solution that cuts down reports preparation time and increase the quality and accuracy of information. Borrowers Outstanding Statement, Cheques Dairy, Interest Break- up Report, Deposits Average Interest, Receipts Generation etc.can be done at the press of few keys. All these will lead to full utilization of man- power, quality and accuracy in information and image among customers.

From the Creators of Chitcare: Finsoft comes from the creators of CHITCARE, the No. 1 Chitfund Management software of Andhra Pradesh. CHITCARE has won the hearts of so many Chitfund companies including leading ones like Sree Pujitha, Suman, Vijayabhargavi, GPR, Chalapathi, Janapriya and many more Chitfund companies spread all over Andhra Pradesh. You can expect the same quality of product and support from Kireeti Soft to make Finsoft also the best

Features Kireeti Finsoft:

Easy to Use:
Finsoft is so simple and easy to understand. It is not at all necessary to be computer literate. A person having typing knowledge and little accounts knowledge can master this software in No Time.

Cheques Management:
Finsoft covers every movement of Cheques starting from Receipt to On Hand Cheques to Honoring of Cheques. With this, Bank Reconciliation becomes very easy and within no time, you can generate BRS and zoom for details with couple of clicks. You can also generate On- Hand Cheques Report, Cheques Dairy, Deposited but not Cleared, Cheque Returns Report, and so on...which helps every one to manage Cheques in the easier way.

Schedules & Receipts Generation :
As soon as a Loan is granted, one can generate Schedule with all details like Date to be paid, Amount to be paid along with Loan details immediately. Apart from Schedules, all Customer related documents like Receipt, Intimation, Notice etc...can be directly generated from FINSOFT.

Late Payment Calculation Statements:
Late payment calculation report can be generated which provides no. of days delayed for each payment from collection date and calculates total no. of days delayed. Based on the rate of interest given, Finsoft can calculate the interest to be collected for late payments.

Access to Finsoft is restricted by passwords. Besides sensitive information can be viewed, printed or changed only by using a special password.

Also on LAN:
Finsoft is also available for use on Networks which means that several persons can simultaneously enter transactions while a chosen few keep a track of Reports.

Backed by Kireeti Expertise:
Finsoft comes to you from Kireeti Soft, a pioneer in developing and marketing premium quality software. Finsoft is backed by Kireeti Soft's, Comprehensive support & hands-on-training.

Zooming: Finsoft comes with powerful zooming facility in almost all reports. That means, while viewing Loans Register, with a click, you can zoom for details of one particular loan and from there with another click, you can zoom for other details. From BRS to Pending Cheques list to receipt voucher to details, you can zoom with just couple of clicks.

Kireeti Finsoft Reports:

  • Deposits Monitoring System
  • Hire Purchases/ Leasing Management System
  • Loans Monitoring System
  • Financial Accounting System
  • Monthly Consolidated Reports

Deposits Monitoring System:

  • Deposits Recording with all details (including Type of Deposit, Interest Rate, Payment Schedules etc...)
  • Receipt Voucher Generation (Cash/ Cheque/ DD/ Adjustment)
  • Deposit Bond Generation
  • Daily Collection Report (Receipt-wise)
  • Daily Collection Summary Report
  • Payment Voucher Generation (including Provision to Deduct TDS) (Cash/Cheque/DD/Adjustment)
  • TDS Deducted Statement
  • Deposit Holder Ledger
  • Deposit Maturity Intimation Letter
  • Deposits Register- Rate of Interest wise (Ascending/ Descending) - Date if Deposit Type wise Register - Branch wise Deposit Register - Maturity Date-wise Register - Amount-wise (Ascending/ Descending) - Deposit Holder Alphabetical Order
  • To be Matured Deposits Report (Next 30 Days)
  • Deposits Consolidation Report (Total Deposit, Average Interest, Avg. Deposit Value Avg. Monthly Payment etc)
  • Deposit Holders Address List

Hire Purchases/ Leasing Management System:

  • H.P Loan Defining including Rate & type of Interest, Payment Frequency, Type of Loan etc.,
  • Initial Payment Receipt Generation with/ Without Payment Scheduled
  • Vehicles/H.P. Item details Recording (like Chassis No. Regn. Expiry date, Invoice No., Supplier, etc.,)
  • Post dated Cheques Recording
  • On Hand Cheques Statement (All/Selected Month)
  • Cheques Dairy (To be Deposited Cheques)
  • Intimation Note Generation
  • Borrower Outstanding Statement (with/without interest, Bank Charges, No. of Cheques Return etc.,)
  • Amount to be collected List (for next XX Days)
  • Daily Collection Report
  • Late Payment Penalty Calculation Report (for Given Loan)
  • Partial Amount Receipts List (On account facility)
  • Cheque Returns Register
  • Honored Cheques Statement
  • Bank Charges & Penalties Recording provision
  • Loans Register - Loan / Maturity date Order
  • Loans Default Notice Generation
  • Depreciation Report on Leased Vehicles.

Loans Monitoring System:

  • Loan Defining including Rate of Interest, Payment Scheduled, Type of Loan etc.,
  • Loan-wise Guarantors/ Assets Recording
  • Receipt Generation
  • Daily Collection Report
  • Loan Register - Rate of Interest wise (Ascending/ Descending) - Date of Loan Order - Loan Type wise Register - Maturity Date wise Register - Amount-wise (Ascending/ Descending)
  • Loan Member List Alphabetical
  • Loan Repayment Intimation Letter
  • Loan Member Ledger
  • Loan Member Address List

Financial Accounting System:

  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book (What ever he the No. of Banks)
  • Cash & Bank Book (Cash Account & 3 Bank Accounts)
  • Journal Book
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Debtors/ Creditors Ledger
  • Profit & loss Account
  • Trail Balance
  • Balance Sheet with Schedules
  • Interest Calculation Report
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement (B.R.S.)

Monthly Consolidated Reports:

  • Monthly Consolidated Deposits Register
  • Monthly Consolidated Loans Register
  • Collection Summery Report (for both Deposits & Loans)
  • Payments Summery Repost (for both Deposits & Loans)
  • New Deposits & Loan Loan Report
  • Debtors List (Only for Loans/ All)
  • Creditors List (Only for Depositors/ All)
  • Business Statement for the period (Summery & Detailed)
  • At A Glance Report (for the Deposits & Loans)

Due to continuous development, Kireeti Soft reserves the right to amend these features without notice.