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Transcription Services

kireetisoft’s winning combination of unrivaled transcription expertise and leading edge Technology offers the most flexible transcription solutions in the marketplace today..

We save you time and money while increasing overall efficiency, accuracy, and HIPAA compliance. We simplify your transcription process and give you complete control of job management for work completed by both your transcriptionists and ours. Hidden costs are eliminated with our transparent billing software on your desktop.

kireetisoft does much, much more than just provide printed copies of various business and physician dictation. We customize our transcription solutions to the specific needs of your organization. Our mission is to provide accurate and timely transcription assistance including dictation, transcription services in all areas like Business, Legal, Religious and Medical and document management as well as a reliable network of expert transcriptionists. You remain in constant control at every phase of the transcription process. You monitor and adjust the flow between kireetisoft transcriptionists and facility transcriptionists for utmost efficiency. Interface issues are completely eliminated.

Every organization is different and so is its need for transcription services. That’s why kireetisoft offers a variety of options to fit each facility’s unique needs. Outsourcing transcription can be more cost effective than using in-house secretarial staff and or temporary workers to transcribe dictation. Also, answering phones, doubling as a receptionist and doing a variety of chores ruins their concentration, thus causing delays and increasing the errors in their work. The standard 3 to 1 ratio of transcription service help speed up turnaround time on dictated documents while never having to worry about someone being on vacation. Being sick, or quitting and leaving you in the lurch. A good transcription service can even help you work effectively with the computers you have in your office to process the transcribed reports which will be delivered to you electronically. kireetisoft's flexible solutions have helped a full range of healthcare facilities cut costs, improve transcription quality and productivity, and meet the challenges of changing healthcare documentation requirements.

kireetisoft saves you time and money, increasing overall efficiency and accuracy, while providing HIPAA compliance. Our technology is available for your in-house use and our services include overflow, departmental and complete, enterprise-wide outsourcing. We offer a variety of business models including options with no up front capital investments. Our comprehensive, single-source solution allows you to select the right balance of in-house, at-home and outside service transcription-all with seamless integration.

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