ERP Solutions - Overview

Health Care

Health Care To meet the emerging needs of our customers in the US Healthcare Industry, Kireeti soft has built its core team to build industry specific applications.

Our team is well versed with latest industry standards like HIPaA, HL7 and building products confirming to these standards with cutting edge technologies.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is the process of efficiently overseeing the constant flow of products IN and OUT of an existing inventory. It mainly involves sales, purchase and transfer of products based on the orders we receive and with in the time. Customers can purchase products directly from retailer; it is called point of sale. Else they can place order, internally we process the order by dealing with manufacturer, vendor, invoice, shipment and goods received note etc. This is how Inventory management is handled by us from order placement till the products delivery to customer.

Chit fund

A Chit fund is a kind of savings scheme. A Chit fund company means a company managing, conducting or supervising, as agent or in any other capacity. "Chit means a transaction whether called chit, chit fund, chitty or by any other name by or under which a person enters into an agreement with a specified number of persons that every one of them shall subscribe a certain sum of money by way of periodical installments over a definite period and that each such subscriber shall, in his turn, as determined by lot or by auction or by tender or in such other manner as may be specified in the chit agreement, be entitled to the prize amount".

We have developed windows based, web based and mobile based chit funds related applications by using the latest technology with sms alerts. We have given multiple excellent features like Transparency to subscriber, online auctions, branches consolidation, online collections, each customer login from mobile, easy deployment and highly secured with email and sms alerts, Self Chits Management, Guarantor Management, Online Agent Management System, Online Payment Option (through credit card), No Hardware setup Required.


Payroll is the total amount of money paid by a business to its employees over a period of time. Payroll is heart of any successful organization. Employee satisfaction is fulfilled by good payroll management. We are providing web based solution to payroll. This is user friendly, centralized system, secure and easy to maintain. In our application, main features are Employee Details Entry and Maintenance, Designation Based Salary Structures, Attendance Maintenance, Challan Management, Leave Management and Insurance management

Assets Management

Assets Management are items of value that an organization own like machines, vehicles etc. We have developed Asset Management Software, which is a browser based Fixed Asset Register with functions covering Asset Lifecycle Process and its management along with Depreciation Calculations and MIS Reports for Assets across branches. We have multiple transactions like Asset, Assets Transfer, Asset Receipt Confirmation, Additional Time request and acceptance, Asset Merging, Asset De-Merging, Asset Disposal, and Asset Maintenance. We have multiple reports like Asset Register, Project wise assets, Assets utilization Report, Assets disposal Register, Asset movement Register, Assets At a Glance etc

Document management

Document management system is latest software developed by us, to maintain documents safely. We can have multiple features like Documents Management, Documents Dash Board, Documents Search, Member Profile, Admin Management (Security) and we can view different reports like document statistics summary, user accessibility summary, admin tracking report, division or cabinet wise statistics reports.

Smart card

Smart card is just like a shopping card, where we have to pay money and buy it. From then onwards, instead of cash we can use this card while shopping. On the day of purchase, that smart card will be activated and its validity will be for one year from the date of activation. Once the customer purchases smart card, along with that a gift coupon will be given. Customer can scratch and win gifts randomly.

Support Automation

Support Automation We have developed an application to an AMC service provider client. In that application, we have given provision for customers to raise complaints against their products to that service provider and their support engineers will contact the customers and provide support. We also gave an excellent feature to the customers, where they can enter their mobile or phone number and click on contact me, then client?s support team will get back them and provide support for them


Retail To stay competitive in the global business, retail industry is increasingly adopting information technology to efficiently manage their business processes and serve their customers better. Kireetisoft offers a variety of integrated solutions and services to help organizations enhance revenues and efficiently manage business transactions, customer functions and information systems. Following are some of the areas where kireetisoft offers its services.


Accounting We kireetisoft, have created solutions to meet various types of accounting procedures. Our professionals are well versed with the systems followed and can provide a solution to meet the requirements of our customer to their satisfaction.


Utilities We at kireetisoft are adept at developing various utilities and tools that add value to the clients' business and helps them increase their productivity and efficiency. For instance, our specialized tools like Data Transfer Management, Data Summarization, and so on make the critical difference in the efficient performance of an organization