ERP Solutions - Inventory

Inventory Management Module

This system will start from the point when a Stock Comes into Stores. It keeps track of the status of various Branches & Stock Points. This system will have the facility to take various reports based on the user?s requirements and print them.

We mainly develop Inventory and E-commerce related web-based applications. These applications consists of purchase module, stores modules. In the purchase module, we can purchase the products directly from the vendor, which is known as point of sale. Otherwise, we can prepare indent and based on the indent, raising enquiry to different vendors and based on their quotations, we can place purchase order and receive the products after sub-sequent steps. In stores module, stock movement and consumption will be done from head office to other branches and with in the branch office. We have given security module also. So that admin can restrict the user?s accessible screens. We have given E-mail and SMS alerts. In the Reports section, we have multiple reports like ? Sales related reports, Purchases related reports, Stores related reports and Stock movement related reports.


  • Point of Sale
  • Purchase Order (Based on Indent/ Based on Enquiry and Quotations from vendors)
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Sale Invoice
  • Delivery challan
  • Sale Returns
  • Point to Point Transfers
  • Reports