Clients - Testimonials


Waseet Inc
I have enjoyed the highest levels of courtesy, and quality of work They have always made themselves available to discuss our software integration plan. . If you need a business partner, search no more, you have found Kireeti Soft... (Waseet CEO)

American Global Inc
Kireeti Soft proved that outsourcing can be effective and successful. All aforesaid concerns were dispelled. Essel understood our business goals correctly, designed a very effective working plan and successfully fulfilled it, finishing the project on time.
When we decided to outsource one of our projects, we had several major concerns: will the contractor understand our project objectives, will the contractor's team be able to effectively communicate with our QA team, will the time and distance differences be an issue, will we have a control over the project progress and results. Every day they've been providing us with a detailed reports and intermediate results, in that way we were able to watch our project closely all the time.
We are very happy with our cooperation with Kireeti Soft and would highly recommend them to anybody....(Harmon Sales & Marketing Manager)

Crown Hospitals
"Crown chose Kireeti Soft because of their ability to build a logical backend administrative portal that allows authorized personnel to manage Web content regardless of programming experience. Also, their previous experiences with companies having similar needs as ours and their price assisted us in our selection. Their crew is very professional, experienced and helpful in maximizing your dollars spent."
"With the help of Kireeti Soft, we not only have an updated site design, we feel that we now have a powerful resource for our customers, partners, investors, and distributors."(Dinesh Director)