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Textile kireeti Softex:

Simple yet sophisticated, SOFTEX is a versatile Software solution that cuts down Reports Generation time and increases the quality and accuracy of information.

Sales Memo Generation, Daily Sales Report, Outstanding Reports, Stock Position, Ageing Analysis etc. can be generated at the press of few keys. You can either view these reports on screen or print the same.

SOFTEX can get you instant, up-to-date Balance Sheet, Profit & loss Statements, Ledgers, Information on Outstanding, i.e, Bill-wise/Party-wise, Stock Position and so on. All these will lead to quality and accuracy of information and image among Customers.

Features Of Kireeti STAR :
Easy to Use: SOFTEX is so simple and easy to understand that you or your assistant can learn to use it in less than a day. It is not at all necessary to be computer literate.

Counter Sales Memo Generation:
You can generate Counter Sales Bill (Retail/Wholesale) as per your format on Plain paper or Pre-printed Stationery. Subsequently, you can generate Day Ending Reports which consists of detailed as well as Summary Reports with details like Salesman-wise Sales/Mode of Sale-wise (Cash/Credit/Cheque etc.,) / Group-wise Sales. That means You can see entire Day Sales analysis on Single Sheet.

In use by many companies:
SOFTEX is being used at so many reputed companies of Coastal A.P. including Raavi Textiles, Naresh Textiles, Omni Fashions, all computerized Shops of Guntur (Raymonds, Bombay Dyeing, Vimal, Gwalior, Mens Touch, Priyatham) and so on...

Also on LAN:
SOFTEX is also available for use on Networks which means that several persons can simultaneously enter at different counters while a chosen few keep a track of reports.

Backed By Kireeti Expertise: SOFTEX comes to you from Kireetisoft, a pioneer in developing and marketing premium quality software. SOFTEX is backed by Kireetisoft's comprehensive support and hands-on training.

System Requirements :

  • Pentium 386 or Higher
  • RAM 64 MB or Higher
  • Hard Disk 4 GB or Higher

Kireeti Star Wide Range of Reports:

  • Sales Reports
  • Purchage Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Special Reports
  • Exhaustive SaleslAnalysis
  • Payable Monitoring
  • Stock/Inventory Control statements
  • Online Finanacial Accounting

Softlint Sales Reports :

  • Customer Defining : Preferential / Ordinary
  • Order Contracts Preparation (Delivery & Payments Schedules)
  • Proforma Invoice Generation
  • Delivery Challan Generation
  • Final Invoice Generation
  • Proforma & Final Invoice Difference Statement
  • Product-wise Sales Analysis Report
  • Outstanding Statement (Receivables)
  • Interest Calculation Statement
  • (Date-wise / Due Date-wise / Contract-wise)
  • Party-wise Sales Analysis Report
  • Sales Register with all details

Purchase Reports :

  • Supplier Defining (Ryothu, Trader, etc.)
  • Purchase Register (Kapas, Lint Separate Registers)
  • Quality-wise Purchases Reports
  • Outstanding Statement (Payable)
  • Payment Voucher Generation
  • Consolidated Weekly / Fortnight / Monthly Purchases
  • Report

Financial Accounting System:

  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book (Whatever be the No. of Banks)
  • Journal Book
  • Cash Flow Statementv
  • Debtors / Creditors Ledgerv
  • Credit Note / Debit Note Report
  • Trading Account
  • Profit & Loss Account (From Date to To Date)
  • Trail Balance (As on Date)
  • Balance Sheet (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Interest Calculation Statement

Special Reports :

  • Receipts & Payments Statement (Cash & Bank)
  • Current Day Statement (Financial and Inventory)
  • Analysis Parameter defining for accounts and Parameter-wise Report
  • Aging Analysis : Due Date-wise / Party-wise for Receivables & Payables