Cold Storage Kireeti 4 to 4 CST

Simple yet sophisticated, 4to4 CS is a versatile software solution that cuts down reports generation time and increases the quality and accuracy of information.

4to4 CS helps to obtain instant up-to-date information regarding the Account and Stock Position at any time, which leads to efficient utilization of time and enhancement of image among the customers. Information regarding the availability of space in various chambers can be obtained at any point of time, just at the press of few keys.

Goods Inward Acknowledgment, Storage Bond, Floor-wise / Block-wise / Commodity-wise Billing Statements, Customer-wise Stock Position & Stock Ledger, Overall Stock Position & Stock Ledger, Balance Sheet, Trail Balance, Profit & Loss Statements and many more can be generated just AT THE PRESS OF FEW KEYS.

Features Of 4 to 4 Professional :
Easy to Use:
4to4 CS is so simple to understand and use. Anyone can be trained to master it in less than a day. A person having typing knowledge and some accounting knowledge can master this software in no time.

kireeti 4to4 CS Reports:

  • Goods Inward Management System
  • Customer Defining (Farmer/Trader/Agent/Dealer)
  • Goods Inward Memo Entry
  • Goods Inward Acknowledgment Generation
  • Floor-wise Storing Details (Provision to find out empty slots in storage)
  • Goods Inward Register
  • Storage Bond Generation (Including Capped/Uncapped details)
  • (These Bonds will be printed on pre-printed Bonds Stationary)
  • Storage Bond Register
  • Party-wise Storage Bonds Issued List
  • Customers Address List ( for Mailing purpose)

Bond Generation:
The Generation of Bond has been made very easy and simple with 4to4 CS. The data is automatically picked up from the Inward DC and the Bond is printed.

Total Stock Movement:
Tracking: 4to4 CS provides total control of stock starting from Inward Delivery Challan to Outward Delivery Challan. The status of the stock can be monitored at any given point of time very efficiently and effectively.

Space Management:
The Storage Details option that has been provided in 4to4 CS helps the user to know the status of space availability. The Space Status in different Chambers (including the number of bags that can be kept in any slot) can always be known both analytically and graphically.

Online Outstanding Monitoring:
Using 4to4 CS, you can adjust your receipts against the bills raised and monitor the outstanding in any way according to your wish. That could be Customer-wise or Bill-wise. Not only that, you can even do Ageing Analysis for your outstanding or even obtain Consolidated Outstanding Status. Due to continuous development, Kireetisoft reserves the right to amend these features without notice.

Stock Status Reports:
A lot of flexibility has been provided to monitor the stock in 4to4 CS so that you can obtain your stock reports on number of parameters like Customer-wise, Agent-wise, Farmer-wise, Dealer-wise, Chamber-wise, Block-wise and many more.

Dependable Online Accounting System:
Dependable Online Accounting System: 4to4 CS comes with 4to4 ? the only successful product for 4 Column Accounting, which was closely integrated. This Software Module help in generation of a wide range of Financial Reports like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Trail Balance, Interest Calculation and many more JUST AT THE PRESS OF FEW KEYS .

4to4 CS comes with powerful zooming facility on screen in almost all financial reports. That means, while viewing Balance Sheet, just with a click, one can zoom into Sundry Debtors/Sundry Creditors and subsequently into Profit & Loss Statement. From Trail Balance, one can zoom in for Debtors List / Creditors List.

Access to 4to4 CS is restricted by passwords. Besides, sensitive information can be viewed, printed or changed only by using a special password.

Also on LAN:
4to4 CS is also available for use on Networks, which means that several persons can simultaneously enter transactions while a chosen few keep a track of reports.

Backed By Essel Expertise:
Kireeti 4to4 CS comes from kireetisoft, a pioneer in developing and marketing premium quality software. kireeti 4to4 CS is backed by kireetisoft?s comprehensive support and hands-on-training.

System Requirements :

  • Pentium 386 or Higher
  • RAM 64 MB or Higher
  • Hard Disk 4 GB or Higher

kireeti 4 to 4 CS Reports:

  • Goods Delivery Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Financial Account System
  • Special Reports

Goods Delivery Management System:

  • Outward Gate Pass Entry System
  • Goods Outward Register
  • Bill Generation (Cash/Credit)
  • (Seasonal/Monthly/Daily)
  • Bills Register (Cash & Credit Separately)
  • Monthly Comparative Billing Statement
  • Floor-wise Comparative Billing Statement
  • Block-wise Comparative Billing Statement
  • Commodity-wise Billing Statement
  • Party-wise Billing Analysis Statement
  • Pending Bills Register
  • Receipt Generation
  • Account Copy ? Farmer wise
  • - Trader wise
  • - Agent wise
  • - Dealer wise

Inventory Management System :

  • Cold Storage Rows & Column Defining (Cold Storage Code Defining)
  • Customer-wise Stock Position ? Farmer wise
    - Trader wise
    - Agent wise
    - Dealer wise
  • Customer-wise Stock Ledger - Farmer wise
    - Agent wise
    - Dealer wise
  • Overall Stock Position - Farmer wise
    - Trader wise
    - Agent wise
    - Dealer wise
  • Overall Stock Ledger - Framer wise
    - Agent wise
    - Dealer wise
  • Chamber-wise Stock Position & Ledger
  • Block-wise Stock Position & Ledger
  • Graphical Representation of Floor Plan
    - Block wise
    - Chamber wise

Financial Accounting System:

  • 4 Column Day book
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book (Whatever be the No. of Banks)
  • Journal Books
  • Ledger (General/Debtors/Creditors)
  • Profit & Loss Account (From Date to To Date)
  • Trail Balance (As on Date)
  • Balance Sheet (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Debtors/Creditors List (More than ?.)
  • Single Account Copy

Special Reports:

  • Receipts & Payments Statement (Cash Flow)
  • Day-to-Day Total Balance
  • Monthly Trail Balance
  • Interest Calculation Report
  • Receipts/Payments (More Than ?)
  • Accounts Summary
  • Group Balance
  • At A Glance Report